Pure Nutrition Uro Flo

Pure Nutrition Uro Flo

Supports Urinary Tract Infections


• Uro Flo is a herbal product from Pure Nutrition
• A highly effective product for management of urinary tract infections
• Contains sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, moringa seed extract and pumpkin seed extract
• All ingredients are derived from natural and organic products only
• Available in sachets of powder form
• Dissolve contents of one sachet in 150 ml of water and drink immediately

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Stay away from urinary tract infections with this Uro Flo herbal product from Pure Nutrition. Key ingredients in this supplement include sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, moringa seed extract and pumpkin seed extract. All these components are scientifically proven to boost rental health and balance pH levels in the body. Urinary tract infections are often caused due to increase in the number of disease causing pathogens. This product works by prohibiting growth of these pathogens, thereby reducing risk of UTIs. If you have already contracted a urinary tract infection, then the ingredients in this supplement will work together to relieve its symptoms as well, such as pain and burning sensation while urinating. Apart from this, the product is also helpful in improving absorption of minerals, so that you can gain most of benefits from the minerals entering your body. It is also found to be effective in helping with bladder infection and getting relief from acute cystitis. It has a minty lime flavor that makes it easy for you to consume. Available in powder form, dissolve contents of one sachet in 150 ml of water and drink immediately. Safe to consume 3-4 times a day, however your doctor will be able to suggest you the right dosage. Take with caution if you have been suffering from cystitis, or if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any other medication. FSSAI, GMP and non-GMO approved.

Pure Nutrition is a company dedicated to collecting, processing, manufacturing and marketing purely herbal health supplements. All their products are made up of natural ingredients, and are absolutely chemical free.

The sole aim of H&B is to provide you access to the healthiest of food products available in India. Browse through their inventory to find more such products. When it comes to H&B, they are selfless service providers that aim at giving you access to the best of health products in the market.

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