Pure Nutrition Bio COQ10

Pure Nutrition Bio COQ10


• A herbal supplement from Pure Nutrition
• Contains shilajit and COQ10 enzyme
• 60 veg capsules in a bottle
• Extremely helpful in boosting energy levels
• Treats chronic fatigue and improves your mental health too
• Can prevent high blood pressure
• Rich in antioxidants, iron and other vitamins and minerals
• One capsule twice a day after meals


Pure Nutrition Bio COQ10 is a herbal supplement that delivers the goodness of shilajit and COQ-10. COQ-10 is a coenzyme that works wonders to boost your energy levels and encourages cells growth in your body. Shilajit is an ayurvedic medicine that is known to cure Alzheimer’s disease, low sex drive in men, chronic fatigue, iron deficiency, male infertility and high altitude sickness. If you have been suffering from chronic fatigue, then this supplement is the right product for you. Regular consumption of these capsules will boost your physical and cognitive energy levels, and also prevent high blood pressure. Rich in antioxidants, it is also effective in improving your cardiovascular function and supporting your heart health. Regular consumption of this supplement can restore your brain and nerve cell metabolism, due to which it is efficient in reversing damage in your brain and CNS. Usually, you should take one capsule twice a day after meals, however your doctor will be able to prescribe you the correct dosage as per your health condition and response to the supplement.

Pure Nutrition is a company dedicated to collecting, processing, manufacturing and marketing purely herbal health supplements. All their products are made up of natural ingredients, and are absolutely chemical free.

The sole aim of H&B is to provide you access to the healthiest of food products available in India. Browse through their inventory to find more such products. When it comes to H&B, they are selfless service providers that aim at giving you access to the best of health products in the market.

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