Nourish Organics Onion Poha

Nourish Organics Onion Poha


• Onion flavored poha from Nourish Organics
• Delicious and healthy at the same time
• Rich in iron, carbohydrates, fiber and protein
• Made up of 100% natural and organic ingredients
• Safe and easy to be consumed everyday
• Helpful in controlling blood sugar levels, digesting carbs and proteins, boosting energy and managing weight
• Keeps you full for several hours


Poha is a popular Indian breakfast that is equally delicious as it is healthy. Different parts of the country have different versions of this snack, and one of the most loved one is the onion poha. Apart from being satiating for the taste buds, it is also helpful in controlling blood sugar levels, digesting carbs and proteins, boosting energy and managing weight. Rich in carbohydrates and iron, and low in calories, it is easy to digest and good for people who are trying to shed pounds. Onion Poha from Nourish Organics is a crispy version of roasted poha that is spicy and onion flavored. Laden with protein and fiber, it serves as a perfect snacking option whenever you crave for something spicy and light. Made up of 100% natural and organic poha, its flavor is enriched with onion powder that makes this snack hard to resist. Serves as a perfect meal option on the breakfast table. Easy and safe to incorporate in everyday breakfast routine.

Nourish Organics is an India based health and lifestyle company whose vision is to offer the finest of organic products to its customers. With their snacking options, you can keep your energy levels high and at the same time satiate your taste buds.

H&B is yet another no-profit company that aims at bringing you all the healthiest of products at a single platform. This makes your search easier and faster, and you are able to take care of your health in a simpler way.

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