Nourish Organics Fig Amaranth Cookies

Nourish Organics Fig Amaranth Cookies


• Fig Amaranth Cookies from the brand of Nourish Organics
• Vegan product
• Good to taste and great for health
• Combination of amaranth, figs, almonds, dates and rice bran oil
• Sweetened with honey
• Taste enriched with vanilla
• Made up of 100% organic and natural ingredients
• Gluten free, safe for people with gluten allergy
• Contain no added sugars, colors or preservatives

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Nourish Organics makes it possible for everyone to enjoy their right to good taste and optimum health. With that aim, they have come up with these Nourish Organics Fig Amaranth Cookies that are a perfect blend of figs, almonds, dates and rice bran oil. Taste enriched with the sweetness of honey, these cookies have vanilla fragrance that will take you to another world of euphoria. These are healthy and tasty cookies made from the choicest of ingredients. All the ingredients used are 100% organic and natural. Amaranth is an amazing grain that is rich in nutrients like calcium, lysine, phytosterols, protein, fiber and antioxidants. Figs are laden with minerals, vitamins A, E and K and antioxidants that contribute your health and wellness. What’s more? They are gluten free, due to which they serve as great snacks for weight watchers and people with gluten allergy. Since it keep you full for longer, it suppresses your appetite and hunger cravings, and helps you manage weight. They are free from any added sugars, colors, flavors and preservatives.

Nourish Organics is an India based health and lifestyle company whose vision is to offer the finest of organic products to its customers. With their snacking options, you can keep your energy levels high and at the same time satiate your taste buds.

H&B is a company that aims at bringing you all the healthiest of products at a single platform. This makes your search easier and faster, and you are able to take care of your health in a simpler way.

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