Nourish Organics Banana Oats Bar

Nourish Organics Banana Oats Bar

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• Enjoy the power of oats, bananas, dates and buckwheat, along with the sweetness of honey
• Provides all the benefits of oats with a tasty treat for all
• Crunchy oats and bananas along with a dash of honey that turns your bar sweet and enjoyable
• Excellent source of plant protein, fiber and antioxidants
• Stays crunchy till the last bite
• Made of 100% natural and organic ingredients


Nourish Organics Banana Oats Bar are an amazing health snack. With a delicious combination of bananas, oats, buckwheat and dates, and sweetened with honey, these bars are perfectly sweet, chewy and crunchy. These are the best natural products made with only natural ingredients. They derive all the plant fiber and antioxidants from the oats and other ingredients. Able to provide wholesome guilt-free healthy snack and cope up with your busy work schedule. Nourish Organics bars provide you all the nutrients that your body needs to become healthier and stronger. They contain no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no chemicals and sugars. Each Banana Oats Bar provides you with best of antioxidants and plant fiber, due to which they become the perfect super snack for you and your family. Easy to carry around, you can always keep a couple of these in your bag, and pop one whenever you need an energy boost. You may also fetch compliments from your friends by sharing some of these bars with them.

Nourish Organics is an India based health and lifestyle company. It’s vision is entirely to offer the finest of organic products to its customers so that they can lead a healthier lifestyle. Today’s busy life can give a backseat to your health, but with their snacking options, you can keep your energy levels high and at the same time satiate your taste buds.

H&B is company that aims at bringing you all the healthiest of products at a single platform. This makes your search easier and faster, and you are able to take care of your health in a simpler way.


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3 reviews for Nourish Organics Banana Oats Bar
  • 5 out of 5

    These bars are my go to snack. I can carry it anywhere. After eating, it keeps you full for few hours.

  • 5 out of 5

    It is a among the best organic products I have ever tried.

  • 5 out of 5

    Oats Granola is a combination of health and taste!! Being a food lover myself, I would strongly recommend Nourish Organics products to folks who want to eat healthy without going on a strenuous diet.. Happy eating! 🙂

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