Kiva Coconut Jaggery Candy

Kiva Coconut Jaggery Candy


• Delicious and healthy candy from the house of Kiva
• A healthy, tasty and rich amalgamation of coconut and jaggery
• Made from 100% organic ingredients
• Crunchy texture made with coconut chunks
• Organic coconut oil used in the making
• A great replacement for regular sugar candies
• 50% times more mineral rich than refined sugar
• Easy to carry around in your bag

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This Coconut Jaggery Candy from Kiva is a delicious and healthy combination of jaggery and coconuts. Both these ingredients are good for health, and both of them are enthralling for the taste buds as well. Made up of organic jaggery and coconut oil, this candy also has coconut chunks that will give you a crunchy texture to enjoy. When we talk about the health of this candy, we need to look at its ingredients. Jaggery is 50 times more mineral rich than refined sugar. It is extremely helpful in improving digestion, nourishing skin, purifying blood and treating respiratory problems. As far as coconuts are concerned, they are found to be effective in removing free radicals, preventing premature aging and improving skin and hair health. Replace your regular sugar candies with this jaggery coconut candy, and satiate your cravings in a safe and healthy way. A great candy for diabetic patients, and those who are trying to lose weight. Easy to carry around, share it with others and give them a gift of health and taste. Coconut fans will definitely like the coconut chunks that will come in your mouth while you are relishing the candy.

Kiva is an Indian company dedicated to giving access to amazing Ayurvedic ingredients in their healthiest and tastiest form. They try their best to retain all the nutrients in their products while enhancing their taste.

The sole aim of H&B is to provide you access to the healthiest of food products available in India. Browse through their inventory to find more such products.

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