Kiva Chocolate Jaggery Candy

Kiva Chocolate Jaggery Candy


• Delicious and healthy candy from Kiva
• A combination of jaggery and chocolate
• Made from 100% organic jaggery
• Comes with a whole host of health benefits
• Aids digestion
• Works as a detox
• Prevents free radical damage
• Strengthens immunity
• Combats PMS symptoms in women
• Nourishes skin
• Great dessert for diabetic people
• 50 times more mineral rich than refined sugar
• Easy to carry and delicious to taste

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Kiva Jaggery-Chocolate Candy is a unique combination of the goodness of traditional coarse jaggery and the delicious taste of rich smooth chocolate. Besides being a great substitute of white sugar, organic jaggery used in this candy is known to have a whole host of health benefits as well. It aids digestion and prevents constipation by activating your digestive enzymes. It also cleanses the liver by expelling out toxins from your body. Laden with antoxidants, and a number of minerals like selenium and zinc, it prevents free radical damage and strengthens your immunity. Eating one chocolate jaggery candy everyday is also found to be effective in combating PMS symptoms for women, including menstrual cramps, abdominal pain and mood swings. It also nourishes your skin, purifies your blood and treats a number of respiratory problems. Being a natural sweetener, it also works as a great dessert for those who are diabetic and who are trying to lose weight. The second ingredient of the candy, chocolate is an amazing mood elevator and can be a delicious treat even while you are on a strict diet. It is also helpful in reducing your blood cholesterol levels.

Kiva is an Indian company dedicated to giving access to amazing Ayurvedic ingredients in their healthiest and tastiest form. They try their best to retain all the nutrients in their products while enhancing their taste.

The sole aim of H&B is to provide you access to the healthiest of food products available in India. Browse through their inventory to find more such products.

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