It’s Skin Avocado Face Mask

It’s Skin Avocado Face Mask


• A cushion pulp mask sheet from the house of It’s Skin
• Best suited for people with dry skin
• Made up of 100% natural and organic avocados
• Contains over 25 vitamins good for skin
• Useful in reducing inflammation and fighting wrinkles
• Leave you with a healthy and glowing skin
• Easy to incorporate in everyday skin care routine

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We all know that avocados are excellent sources of good fats that are good for our heart. But not all people know that they are good to include in skincare routine too. This It’s Skin Avocado Mask is made up of organic avocados that is effective in nourishing and moisturizing skin. This is a cushion pulp sheet mask that is particularly suitable for dry skin types. Laden with over 25 essential vitamins and nutrients, this face mask is able to deliver you the best skin benefits that avocados have to offer. Avocados contain oleic acid that is good to reduce inflammation, lower redness and fight wrinkles. By reducing bacteria and fighting inflammation, this mask sheet prevents acne and leave you with a healthy and glowing skin. This mask is especially designed for those who want a spa like treatment for their face. Designed with multi-porous layer of air, the efficacy of this mask is maximized by soaking it in serum. Give this mask a try. It is a great natural skin supplement that can do so many things for your beauty.

It’s Skin is a cosmetic company based in South Korea, providing best of skin products for its customers’ beauty and skin care needs. Their skin care products are formulated using 100% natural ingredients and are found to be effective in enhancing beauty at its best.

The sole aim of H&B is to provide you access to the healthiest of food products available in India. Browse through their inventory to find more such products.

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