Innisfree Pomegranate Face Mask

Innisfree Pomegranate Face Mask


• Pomegranates are rightly known as the ‘fruit for women’ due to their beauty benefits
• Rich in vitamin C, E, polyphenolic antioxidants and a number of other nutrients that are good for the skin
• Deliver a natural glow and radiance to the skin with regular use
• Ingredients extracted through cold brew squeeze method
• 100% cellulose mask sheet

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Pomegranates are not just delicious fruits, they have amazing health and skin benefits too. If you want to enjoy all their skin benefits of pomegranates, then use this Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask on a regular basis. By fighting free radicals, they fight sun damage. By putting their catechins to work, they prevent degradation of the skin and fight signs of aging. Their vitamin C content gives a natural glow and radiance to your skin. Pomegranates also have vitamin C, vitamin E and a number fo polyphenolic antioxidants, which work together to prevent inflammation and reduce acne. Vitamin C content hydrates skin and prevent roughness. Their high antioxidant content is helpful in treating psoriasis and eczema, and accelerating wound healing as well. Pomegranates are rightly known as the ‘Fruit for women’, probably becuase of the immense beauty benefits they are able to deliver. This 100% cellulose mask sheet adheres to your skin and delivers its benefits. It is thin and transparent, yet strong enough to be tear-free. Abundant nutrients are retained by extracting the ingredients through cold brew squeeze method. Apply this mask once every day, and see the difference in your skin health yourself.

Innisfree is a renowned cosmetic brand aimed at delivering the finest of cosmetic products in their purest form.

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