Innisfree Ginseng Face Mask

Innisfree Ginseng Face Mask


• Best face mask made with ginseng
• Rich in phytonutrients
• Used as an exceptional anti-aging cellulose mask sheet
• Thin yet strong
• Combination of water, cream and essence
• Made from finest quality of ginseng
• Tightens skin, balances oils, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Extracted using cold brew squeeze method
• Protects skin against pollution and environmental stress

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Ginseng, also known as man root, is prized as an extraordinary anti-aging product owing to its phytonutrients. It is found to be extremely helpful in brightening and toning skin. By reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it rejuvenates the look of your skin. It not only firms and tightens your skin, but also brightens your skin tone and keeps it protected against pollution and other environmental factors. Since it is naturally capable of balancing oils, it counteracts dryness and keeps your skin glowing and hydrated. This Innisfree Face Mask Ginseng is a naturally derived cellulose sheet that is thin enough to adhere to your skin, and yet strong enough to not tear into pieces. Made with the finest of ingredients, this mask sheet available in water, cream and essence forms, due to which it becomes an ideal face mask to be used once everyday. All the ingredients are extracted using cold brew squeeze method, in which low temperature is applied to extract the ingredients. This method removes all the unnecessary elements from the Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask, but retains its nutrient content. Easy to incorporate in your everyday skin care routine, you will get all the natural glow and hydration that ginseng has to provide.

Innisfree is a renowned cosmetic brand aimed at delivering the finest of cosmetic products in their purest form.

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