Brewhouse Citrus Green Ice Tea

Brewhouse Citrus Green Ice Tea

Real Brewed Tea Leaves


– Brewhouse Citrus Green Ice Tea
– Made from real brewed tea leaves
– Made from whole leaf tea from the Nilgiris in South India
– Contains citrus
– Needs less sugar

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What’s that delicious smell, you ask? It’s that fragrance when the goodness of Green Tea meets the merriment of Citrus! Yes! From Brewhouse, presenting you the happiest green tea with the Citrus Green Ice tea. Brewed with love, bottled with passion, Brewhouse Ice Tea is made from real brewed tea leaves, which means it’s not made from a powder or concentrate formulated in lab or made from anything artificial but by brewing real tea leaves in hot water. It uses whole leaf tea from the beautiful Nilgiris in South India, which produce some of the finest teas in the world. One more amazing benefit is that, since high quality brewed tea tastes great naturally, it needs lesser sugar than most other bottled teas do.
Taste, deliciousness and health, all packed up in one perfect Ice tea!

Brewhouse Ice Teas are easily one of the finest and most delicious creations you’ll ever treat yourself to. While having it made with the joy that ice brews bring into our systems, Brew House also loads them with nutritious goodness and healthy charm. Switching to Brewhouse Ice Teas would surely bring in the healthy change that one seeks in their ever favourite beverage.

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  • 5 out of 5

    Love this product a lot. I drink it every day morning and much better than commercial green teas…

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