In a nation, that is running swiftly on the path of progression, but struggling on the treadmill, a seek for change is precarious. Thus H&B aspires to be the agent of it, and bring in a new dawn in the everyday lifestyles and habits.

We’ve ranges of products lined up for you, that are evidently better substitutes of your favourite everyday snacks, meal necessities, or hair and skin products. These are healthy and wholesome, and tremendously integral for the body, that are easily looked over when it seriously shouldn’t be. Thus, this change is more of an improvement, than a complete discourse!

The journey with H&B Essentials is a journey towards improving.

H&B is owned by BlueCollar Distributors & Wholesalers Pvt. Ltd. a privately held organisation that supports our vision of cleaner, healthier and honest food & beverages trade. We are a B2B business dedicated to enriching retailers with the best of products.

We understand the eating habits of Modern day Indians:

India is known across the world for its lavish cuisine, but that comes in conjunction with lots of oils, butters, spices and a whole lot of other unhealthy ingredients. That’s why the people here often encounter health problems like disturbed blood sugar and blood pressure levels, heart problems and other issues related to unhealthy eating.  But that doesn’t mean that you should stop devouring your favorite eateries. By making certain lifestyle changes and by replacing your current ingredients with healthier ones available in our product range, you can continue consuming your favorite foods in a healthy way. For instance, if you are diabetic, you don’t need to stop eating your chocolates. You can choose a healthier alternative in the form of choco oats bar assorted from our healthy snacking range.

We know what’s right for you:

Instead of filling our product range with all the junk in the market, we have scaled it to only the best of products from selected companies. We understand that not all the products of manufacturers are equally good in quality and effect. With proper research on the available products, their ingredients and efficacy, we have selected only the best of their product range, and made it available to our customers. Our range of products comprises of everything healthy, including nuts, seeds, spreads, breakfast cereals, natural juices, essential oils, hair and skin products and multivitamins.

We aim at making a healthier world:

When you buy our organic products, you get access to the considerable expertise and experience of our experts and researchers. We aim at designing our product range to be effective instead of targeting price points. Some of our key points include courteous, polite and competent customer service and finest of natural products and nutritional supplements from socially responsible companies. Our products, are carefully curated to exclude as many allergens, as possible, including dairy, gluten, gelatin, artificial flavors, animal fats and yeast.